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2023-12-02 20:33:25

By Le Figaro

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Group of “death”, pool of the France team… The evening draw for the groups for Euro 2024 was made this Saturday in Hamburg, Germany.

All the teams know their opponents for Euro 2024 which will be held in Germany from June 14 to July 14. The draw was carried out this Saturday in Hamburg and held its share of surprises… In group A, the German host country will face Scotland, Hungary and Switzerland. As for Pool B, it looks (very) tough. Italy, defending champion, will challenge eternal Spain, Croatia and Albania.

Group C will be made up of Slovenia, Denmark, Serbia and England. Didier Deschamps’ French team is in a tough Group D with the Netherlands, Austria and the winner of a play-off (Poland, Finland, Wales or Estonia) while Belgium will face the Slovakia, Romania and another roadblocker. Finally Portugal, seeded, will play the Czech Republic, Turkey and another play-off.

All groups

Group A : Germany, Scotland, Hungary, SwitzerlandGroup B : Spain, Croatia, Italy, AlbaniaGroup C : Slovenia, Denmark, Serbia, EnglandGroup D : Dam operator A, Netherlands, Austria, FranceGroup E : Belgium, Slovakia, Romania, Dam Operator BGroup F : Türkiye, Dam C, Portugal, Czech Republic


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