Elon Musk allows Alex Jones to return to X

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2023-12-11 00:33:26

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Elon Musk allowed right-wing provocateur and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to return to social media platform X this Sunday (10). Jones had been banned from X, formerly known as Twitter, more than five years ago for posting harassing messages.

For years, Jones promoted the claim that the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a hoax. Last year, he was ordered to pay almost US$1.5 billion (R$73.97 million) to the families of eight victims of the defamation massacre. Jones was also banned by Facebook and YouTube.

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According to the The New York Times, in an interview with Tucker Carlson, broadcast on X, Jones stated that he hoped Musk would reinstall his account on the platform. He mentioned that users often asked Musk to bring it back to X.

On Saturday (9), Musk responded to a user on X who said it was time to bring Jones back to the platform and wrote Ok”’. Musk then started a poll asking his 165 million followers whether he should bring back Jones’ account.

By early Sunday, an overwhelming majority of the nearly two million participants had voted in favor of Jones’ reinstatement. In the comments of the poll, Musk signaled that he would do exactly that and wrote: “The people have spoken and so it will be.”

Musk restored Jones’ account on Sunday morning, although Jones did not post immediately. This decision could further alienate advertisers, who have been abandoning the platform due to concerns that Musk’s lack of content moderation allows their brands to appear alongside offensive content.

Since then, X has sought out small businesses and their advertising dollars to replace revenue that previously depended on big brands. X CEO Linda Yaccarino posted on Friday: “If you are a small business and have a product idea for us or a new way we can better help you, please share.”

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