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How the Tesla founder wants to save the world |

Baby Command by Elon Musk

Elon Musk (51) has two suggestions to save the world: “make more babies” and continue drilling for oil.

Baby Order from High Tech Billionaire!

Musk has repeatedly stated that low birth rates could pose a “danger” to civilization. In addition to renewable energies, the Tesla founder names the birth rate as one of his “favorite topics”. Reaffirmed before attending an energy conference in Stavanger, south-west Norway Musk on Monday (August 29) warned journalists that the world was facing a “baby crisis”!

Stavanger (Norway): Tesla founder Elon Musk in conversation with moderator Xenia Wickett during the opening of the “Offshore Northern Seas 2022” energy conference

Photo: Carina Johansen/dpa

“We should at least make enough babies to sustain the population,” he said. Musk’s personal contribution to world population: He is the father of ten children.

The tech titan – a family founder himself!

Musk has been divorced three times, and one of his ten children died when he was ten weeks old. beginning of the year his son petitioned a California court to change his name and gender. Xavier (18) became Vivian. The court documents said she did not want to be related to her biological father “in any way”.

And also to the urgent questions of our time, here at The electric pioneer has the answers to the energy crisis: In his opinion, mankind must still rely on fossil fuels for energy generation for the time being.

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Musk: “I think realistically we have to use oil and gas in the short term, otherwise civilization would collapse,” he said, going even further: “Some additional drilling at this point” is warranted. (jbr, AFP)

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