“Erin Brockovich” on tv. Julia Roberts’ swear words and sensual necklines. The 10 secrets of the film

On March 17, 2000, “Erin Brockovich – Strong as the truth”, a film by Steven Soderbergh with an amazing Julia Roberts (tonight on Sky Cinema 2 at 1.05), was released in the United States. The film set in the early 90s based on the story of the real Erin, unemployed with three young children and two divorces behind her. After getting a job as a secretary in a law firm, the protagonist begins to investigate on her own the “Pacific Gas and Electric Company”, which poisoned the aquifers of the town of Hinkley, California, with hexavalent chromium, causing tumors and other serious illnesses to residents. Erin does a lot of research and manages to find the evidence that frames the company. Eventually, thanks to his commitment and stubbornness, the company will have to compensate more than 600 people with $ 333 million. The film, which the following year gets 5 nominations and an Oscar for the Hollywood star, a great success at the box office: costing just over 52 million dollars, it gets a box office that exceeds 256 million. Some hilarious dialogues and above all the duets between Julia Roberts and Albert Finney as the lawyer Ed Masry who leads the law firm. 20 years after its release, here are 10 things you may not know about the film.



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