faced with inflation, the French’s drastic cuts in their food budget

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2023-12-11 14:02:39

If the overwhelming majority of French people do not skip meals massively, everyone is now careful about what they put in their shopping cart. Emma Segall/ Le Figaro

INVESTIGATION – The fall in household spending, measured by INSEE, is “unprecedented”. Reflecting the concerns, difficulties and attempts of our compatriots to adapt to soaring prices, it also concerns experts.

The statement caused a stir. However, it wanted to be consensual, factual. At the microphone of France Inter, at the end of November, Bruno Le Maire insisted, once again, that France “[sortait] of the inflationary crisis». «We are emerging from the most serious inflationary crisis since the 1970s […] The results are there, probably not on all products, but overall, inflation today has been defeated, and it is a real economic success., welcomed the Minister of the Economy. A speech which did not fail to arouse criticism from Internet users, who do not perceive, on a daily basis, this slowdown in the surge in prices. “Repetition comedy is only funny when the original joke is good“, quipped one of them.

The boss of Bercy, however, qualified his satisfied : if the price rise has lost its vigor, “inflation, particularly food inflation, still penalizes far too many French people», he wrote on X. On store shelves…

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