Far East El Paso Residents Allege USPS Mail Carrier Damages Packages: Demanding Accountability | KFOX News

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Far east El Paso residents allege mail carrier damages packages, demand accountability

EL PASO, Texas (KFOX) — Residents in far east El Paso near Pebble Hills High School are accusing their mail carrier of mishandling packages and are demanding accountability from the postal service.

Laura Jimenez, a resident in the area, has been documenting evidence against her mail carrier after experiencing frustration with her packages being damaged.

“The issues have been going on for months, possibly even a year. We chalked it up to a joke like an angry mailman at first but then it just kind of got obnoxious,” Jimenez said.

According to neighbors, the postal service has ignored their complaints about the alleged mishandling of packages. Jimenez reported the carrier to the manager at the post office, who assured her that they deserved to have mail delivered appropriately.

However, despite voicing her frustrations and providing documentation, Jimenez has not received a response from the manager.

“I really just hope that the USPS takes action on this. It’s not a personal vendetta but we deserve to have service that’s not negligent,” Jimenez said.

KFOX reached out to USPS for comment, and they issued a statement in response to the residents’ concerns.

“Thank you for sharing the video footage of this incident, which local postal management is reviewing as part of our investigation into the matter. We apologize to our customers for the actions seen in the video, which are clearly unacceptable behavior that does not reflect the efforts of the thousands of professional, dedicated carriers in our workforce. Although the USPS does not comment on specific personnel matters, residents can be assured we are taking all appropriate actions to resolve the issue,” the statement read.

Residents hope that the USPS will take the necessary actions to address the issue and hold the carrier accountable for the alleged mishandling of packages.

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