FC St. Pauli: Annika’s injection makes Lukas Daschner top again – 2nd Bundesliga

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He runs, pops from all angles and has a smile on his face. Lukas Daschner (23) completed the exercises in the training camp in St. Pauli with full vigor and visible pleasure. Comeback work after a horror injury is easier under fantastic conditions.

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The midfielder cracked his kneecap during training on August 2nd. The sight is terrifying, the pain is enormous at first. But now the midfielder is hot. Daschner: “In principle everything is the same as before. Actually, I hardly notice anything anymore from my knee. That’s why I feel really great. “

Annika’s injection makes Daschner top again.

The way back was unfamiliar as he has never had a serious injury. In addition to the physios and doctors, girlfriend Annika (22), who he already knows from elementary school and has been living with him since March, also played a major role in the comeback. “I was really limited. She helped me with all sorts of things, ”says the fan of fast cars.

She was also responsible for the important thrombosis injection. “Annika had more courage. I couldn’t give that thing to myself. Although it wouldn’t have been bad. “

The peak time should now follow the injection time. Daschner is aiming for the ten position. Behind the tips actually Daniel-Kofi Kye-reh (25) has the regular place. But the Ghanaian will miss the first Pauli Games in 2022 because he will play in the Africa Cup from Monday.

Daschner and Kyereh are good buddies. “We are definitely in contact. We wished each other a happy, happy and injury-free year, ”reveals Daschner. From the desert of Qatar, where Ghana is preparing, there was motivation by further lines: “He wrote to me that I should tear myself apart.”

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Kyereh’s footsteps are quite big. Daschner: “Basically, I have the confidence to replace him. However, I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’ll stand in for him. I just want to offer myself. ”Because Christopher Buchtmann (29) is another candidate for the Kyereh position.

What speaks for Daschner? “I think we’re relatively similar in our game. Kofi is perhaps a little smaller, livelier. But I have strengths in the header, I can do one or two things every season, ”says the native Duisburg self-promotion.


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