FC St. Pauli: Zero minutes for cup victim Sören Ahlers – 2nd Bundesliga

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At St. Pauli, coach Timo Schultz actually only thinks of the Aue game on Saturday. But in the test against Beerschot (2-0) the following cup game against Dortmund (January 18) was already in the back of my mind. “That was also the reason why Sören Ahlers didn’t play at all,” said Schultz, explaining the goalkeeping situation.

First Nikola Vasilj, then Dennis Smarsch, was in the can for 60 minutes each. Schultz: “We wanted to give both of them match practice. Vasilj is playing against Aue, Dennis is against Dortmund. He really deserved it and played his part. “

Roggow & Jessen – praise yes, cadre no

“You can see that both have their qualities,” said Schulz, pleased with the performances of the youngsters Franz Roggow (19) and Niklas Jessen (18) in Spain. “But they are not yet eligible for a position in the management team. There is still a lot missing. “

The training camp was therefore important for the homegrown children. Schultz: “With Franz you saw in the game that he can solve things even better. For this he set one or two exclamation marks during training. “

Schultz is very satisfied with the development of Jessen: “Niki has taken a giant step in the last six months. He has become very stable physically. Both stay with us for now. “


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