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The Federation Council will support a bill on the introduction of fines for the media for posting information on the sale of fake certificates and certificates of vaccination. This was announced on November 24 by the chairman of the Federation Council committee on constitutional legislation, Andrei Klishas.

“Let’s support. In a pandemic, such offenses have an increased social danger, “he told RIA Novosti.

A day earlier, the Russian Ministry of Health proposed to establish administrative responsibility for disseminating information in the media about the sale of counterfeit medical documents. It was noted that fines would amount to up to 1 million rubles, and for repeated violations – up to 5 million.

November 18, the director of the Center. Gamalei Alexander Gunzburg said that citizens who, instead of being vaccinated against COVID-19, buy a certificate of immunization, can become sources of the formation of new strains of coronavirus. He added that those buying a COVID-19 certificate are wasting money.

On November 2, the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that 503 criminal cases were opened in Russia in six months for distributing fake certificates of vaccination against coronavirus. In addition, at the initiative of the internal affairs bodies, 2,036 specialized Internet sites for the sale of certificates were blocked.

Against the backdrop of a worsening epidemiological situation, the Russian authorities are urging residents to get vaccinated in order to protect their health and take care of their loved ones. Citizens are vaccinated for free. Five vaccines against coronavirus have been registered in the country: Sputnik V, which became the first vaccine against COVID-19 in the Russian Federation and the world, as well as Sputnik Light, EpiVacCorona, EpiVacCorona-N and KoviVak.

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All relevant information on the situation with the coronavirus is available on the websites of stopcoronavirus.rf and accessvsem.rf, as well as by the hashtag #WeV Together. Coronavirus hotline: 8 (800) 2000-112.

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