Fedez and the threats to Leone, the complaint arrives

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2023-12-06 16:22:47

“A promise and a promise.” No sooner said than done. Fedez denounces the hater who published a post in very poor taste on X with a message referring to his son Leone. On Saturday, before the Milan-Frosinone match, the child accompanied Theo Hernandez, the Rossoneri winger, onto the pitch. Leone, as the videos published by his father show, appeared excited and tense on the pitch. He should have lifted the Frosinone shirt and shown the Milan one, as agreed with his father before the ‘mission’, but emotion got the better of him. The Serie A League highlighted the presence of Fedez’s son on the pitch with a post on X dedicated to a “special companion”. The message was deemed inappropriate by many users, who criticized the treatment reserved by the League for only one of the children present on the pitch.

The worst, however, was undoubtedly represented by the posts that targeted Fedez and Chiara Ferragni’s son with shameful messages, stigmatized by the father. The reference is in particular to a post that showed Theo Hernandez and Leone with the question ‘you only have one bullet, who are you shooting at?’. “I am perfectly aware of the fact that on Twitter there is this circle of fans who enjoy making jokes about my pancreatic cancer and wishing me death. Go ahead and do so, because honestly I don’t give a shit. But at the moment you touch my children – says the rapper – then you have a problem, a pretty big problem. You will notice, don’t worry. Then I will post the name of this person and all those who responded that they would shoot my son”, he said Fedez on Sunday. Today, the rapper went from words to deeds and published the photo of the complaint on Instagram and on X. The user who wrote the post, meanwhile, has deleted himself from the social network.

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