FIR against Srilekha No chance to register, confused how to sue

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Kochi: Former DGP in actress assault case R. An FIR was filed against the allegations made by Srilekha. Unable to register. The reason is that there is confusion as to which law should be used to register the case against Srilekha.
After taking the statement from Srilekha, proceed with the action only if there is evidence. Srilekha’s position is that what she said is just hearsay. Retired on the basis of hearsay only. Senior officials do not agree to file a case against the DGP.
Their argument is that if you dare to investigate the revelations that are constantly coming in the media, you will not get anywhere.
Thrissur Rural SP filed a complaint against Srilekha by human rights activist Kusumam Joseph. Aishwarya Dogre is being investigated. Addie. ACP Suresh has been assigned for preliminary investigation. The police are of the position that they can file a case only after the preliminary investigation.
If Srilekha’s remark is in contempt of court, the court should take action against it. The prosecution can file a complaint in the court. The court can also take action on its own initiative. No complaint has been received yet.
Even though it is a matter under the consideration of the court, the judge has been severely criticized in channel discussions and otherwise. The government is of the opinion that there is no need to take any action against Srilekha alone. The demand in the complaint is that Pulsar Suni did not take action despite knowing that he had committed a crime. Srilekha had revealed that she knew that Pulsar Suni had blackmailed and tortured many women in the film industry.
Srilekha revealed that she knows of three such incidents. It is alleged in the complaint that Srilekha did not take action despite getting knowledge about the criminal offence. There has been a serious failure in official performance. The complaint also demands an investigation into these matters and action against Pulsar Suni and Srilekha.

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