Fire in the area of ​​the big hotels, flames lick the amusement park / VIDEO – Pescara

MONTESILVANO. A large-scale fire broke out at about 1.30 pm in Montesilvano, in the area of ​​the large hotels and the Saline river. The flames also touched the amusement park in the area, but the firefighters of Pescara and Montesilvano managed to circumscribe the fire.


Fire in Montesilvano, helicopter in action to put out the flames

Fire in the area of ​​the large hotels close to the funfair, firefighters engaged with eight teams

In action, three teams with eight vehicles and the VF 54 dragon helicopter. The scrub and the reeds on the river bank burned.

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The fire last night on Colle della Vecchia in Montesilvano

Montesilvano: hill in flames, hours of fear for houses / VIDEO
Alarm passed in Colle della Vecchia, the fire was extinguished in the night: it is suspected that it was triggered by the fireworks that exploded shortly before

The mayor, Ottavio De Martinis immediately intervened on the spot: “This time too the danger has escaped, but nature has nevertheless suffered damage”, the mayor told ANSA. “I thank the firefighters for their timely intervention, which made it possible to avoid the worst”. This is the second fire in a few hours after yesterday’s one that broke out around midnight in Colle della Vecchia.


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