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(ANSA) – ROME, MARCH 03 – “I gave myself as a maximum limit in June 2023, but maybe I’ll stop even in four months: I’ve learned that nothing is certain in life”. Gigi Buffon talks about himself in a long interview with The Guardian and reveals future projects. “In my head there is a stop sign – continues the Juventus goalkeeper – and when I miss a match I feel very embarrassed”. The goalkeeper also comments on how his lockdown was: “The first month was wonderful, at the beginning of the pandemic I had a lot of time to dedicate to myself: I enjoyed my family every day, I took advantage of it and I loved it. Then, of course, it got heavy, even thinking about what others are going through. ” In the interview Buffon also explains his relationship with Andrea Pirlo: “Our friendship has been distant, since 1993, and in front of other people he is always ‘Mister’. As long as we are here, he has one role and I another; when we leave this place or we go out together, then we can be Gigi and Andrea “. (HANDLE).

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