Franck Riester, symbol of the failing parliamentary architecture of the presidential camp

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2023-06-28 11:00:34
The Minister Delegate for Relations with Parliament, Franck Riester, at the National Assembly, February 6, 2023. JULIEN MUGUET FOR “THE WORLD”

Establishing relationships with parliamentarians from all sides, facilitating agreements on texts, thwarting the procedural pitfalls of opposition… In a National Assembly split into ten groups, Franck Riester had to be on the front line of a government looking for partners to make pass their bills. But, in a year of relative majority, the action of the minister delegate in charge of relations with Parliament has never really found favor with elected officials, whether they come from the presidential coalition or the opposition.

“Frank Riester? It is the ghost of the Palais-Bourbon. He wanders the halls alone, he does not speak to anyone except his collaborators. He embodies the error of casting and interpretation of the President of the Republic on the legislative elections “, taunts the deputy for the North of the Liberties, Independents, Overseas and Territories (LIOT) group, Benjamin Saint-Huile, summarizing the opinion of a number of elected officials, who find him too distant. An accusation debunked by the minister, who favors discussions with the presidents of groups and commissions or the rapporteurs of texts: “I’m careful not to short-circuit them. My role is to grease the wheels and not add tension where there is already a lot.. »

In July 2022, the appointment of this former member of the Les Républicains (LR) party to the Ministry of Relations with Parliament – ​​instead of the ex-socialist Olivier Véran – was seen as an outstretched hand to the right, the support of the 62 LR deputies being considered essential to achieve majorities “text by text”. The appointment to the government of the president of the center-right Agir party also aimed to limit the influence of the former prime minister, Edouard Philippe, and his Horizons formation within the presidential camp.

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But the interpersonal relationships, essential to carry out his function, have never really existed between Franck Riester and his former political family since his arrival at Rue de Varenne. “Today he has perhaps the most important ministry. It would have taken someone who knows how to play politics. But Riester doesn’t know us and doesn’t treat us.”noted in the fall of 2022 the LR deputy for Haut-Rhin, Raphaël Schellenberger. “Franck, he’s not the baddest. He’s one of the few I’ve always spoken to because he never insulted us.”weighs the president of the LR group, Olivier Marleix, who especially questions the choices of the Head of State: “Do you know a Macron minister who is not transparent? »

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