Fraud: Capucine Anav, Simon Castaldi… pinned influencers defend themselves

Fraud: Capucine Anav, Simon Castaldi… pinned influencers defend themselves

2023-06-03 20:30:53

“It was not intended to deceive my audience. The influencer Capucine Anav, famous since her participation in the sixth season of “Secret Story” in 2012, explained herself this Saturday on BFM after being pinned by the Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention (DGCCRF) for misleading commercial practices. Like other influencers, she was punished for disregarding the rules on commercial partnerships, while the law on influencers was adopted on Thursday. “As soon as I was informed of these errors, I stopped my practices. I am very, very careful about everything I post, ”adds Capucine Anav at the microphone of BFM, who refutes any “voluntary intention”.

The ex-columnist of “Touche pas à mon poste” is obliged to publish for thirty days on her social networks the administrative injunction which has therefore been notified to her. And this, so that it stops these practices with the million and a half people who follow it on the networks.

The 32-year-old influencer had promoted a “mobile anti-wave patch” on her Snapchat account claiming it was a “complete” barrier against mobile waves. For this, the fraudsters believe that she has “implemented deceptive commercial practices” on her Snapchat account by evoking the “unproven properties and results” of a product or by alleging a natural or biological composition of a product when this information was false.

“Maybe we should protect ourselves too”

As the sanction provides, Simon Castaldi, 23, also published on his social networks the injunction for the repression of fraud. Asked this Friday evening on BFM, the young man who claims to no longer do product placement, deplores “a lack of supervision” and the absence of an “influencer’s guide”. “I do not consider myself the head of the gondola of a system that has worked for years”, castigates the young man, who says he has been the victim of “name-shaming” (public denunciation) in recent days.

Harassment also denounced by Ilan Castronovo. “Ok, we protect consumers, that’s very good, but we should perhaps protect ourselves against death threats. For me, for my family, anti-Semitic threats, insults and so on, “casttigates Ilan Castronovo, this Friday on his Instagram account followed by 2.2 million subscribers. He calls for “a law against harassment on social networks”, revealing in story insults received. The repression of fraud had estimated that the young man, among other things, “on his Instagram account and on his Telegram channels” promotes “a sports betting advice service that increases the chances of winning at gambling. ‘money and chance’.

Anthony Matéo, ex-candidate of “La Belle et ses Princes”, has restricted his Instagram account to his subscribers since the Bercy announcements. In particular, he presented “hyaluronic acid injections performed by a beautician who does not have the quality of doctor required to perform such medical acts”.

Finally, Léa Montchicourt and Gaëtan Debled, the star couple of the show “Les Mamans” on 6Ter, were sanctioned for not having mentioned their commercial intention on publications on their respective accounts. This Saturday, they did not react officially.

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