Free cannabis for those who are positive for Covid or in quarantine: how to get it

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Legal cannabis light delivered free at home for Covid positives or those in quarantine, the JustMary initiative

The last 24 months have seen us face everything: lockdowns, unemployment, economic decline and, recently, even the increase in bills. But the last challenge is the growth of covid cases, with the consequent quarantine for positives and their contacts. The result? Many who, responsibly, respect the rules and stay at home, are now at thresholds of burnout, having great difficulty even just relaxing.

However, it fits into this context JustMary, the largest Italian delivery company of legal cannabis light and poppers. The company stands giving two grams of light cannabis (alternatively, a bottle of popper) to those who are forced to stay at home, as positive or in quarantine.

“Let’s launch the community cannabis ““: 2 grams of free light cannabis to Italians who, responsibly, stay at home and who, given the situation, are looking for a way to relax. How to access the initiative? It is sufficient to send us via chat, through our website, the quarantine certificate (alternatively, a self-certification), together with the request to access the initiative. We will go on while stocks last, ”he tells us Matteo Moretti, CEO of JustMary.

“As an alternative to cannabis light, we can deliver a bottle of popper for free, if more appreciated. We hope to give an evening of serenity to those who, having to stay at home, experience a difficult time ”concludes Moretti.

But what does JustMary do, in detail? JustMary is the most important Italian company active in the delivery of legal cannabis and poppers. The service is active from 18 to 24 and delivery takes place directly at home, within 45 minutes from the order. The delivery service is completely anonymous, as the company’s delivery boys work in plain clothes. The company has been present for some time in Milan, Turin, Florence, Rome, Monza, Catania and Naples. In addition to this, JustMary is planning its opening in Bologna.

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