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The author, Annalisa Giancarlo, will also be featured on Thursday 8 April at 5pm live on Fb

Thursday 8 April, at 5 pm, live on facebook from the auditorium of In Cibum, the school of high gastronomic training based in Pontecagnano (Sa), presentation of the book by Annalisa Giancarlo, “Spectro a (r) tistico” Editions). After the greetings of Mariagiovanna Sansone, director of In Cibum, there will be speeches by Emilia Mannese, full professor of General Pedagogy at the University of Salerno; Rosaria Ferrara, psychologist, psychotherapist and president of the Italian Observatory for the Study and Monitoring of Autism (Oisma) and Magda Di Renzo, developmental psychotherapist and head of the Therapies Service of the Institute of Orthophonology in Rome. The author, Annalisa Giancarlo, president of the social cooperative “Il giardino dei Libri”, will close. To follow the live broadcast, you can connect to the Facebook page of In Cibum or Once upon a time in the Garden of Books or OISMA.

Angelo sings, plays and acts

The volume is a diary through which Annalisa Giancarlo traces her story, that of her family and her son. The title, which at first seems like a play on words, actually draws on reality and precisely when in 2009 the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder of her child arrives. The document reports a typo by the doctor who writes “artistic spectrum” in the report. Today Angelo, as the author chose to call her son in the book but who does not correspond to his real name, sings, plays, recites and “reads books as if he were an actor”. An artistic vein that showed right away.

April 6, 2021 | 17:42

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