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On the occasion of this anniversary, the company opens the casket of its archive to show the public the most important and significant shows. It starts on April 8th

of Alessia Rotolo

The goal is important and contains many experiences in a single path traced by the master Mimmo Cuticchio and his travel companions. 1971 marks the birth of the company Figli d’Arte Cuticchio, since then 50 years have passed that tell the passage from the small to the big scene, from tradition to experimentation, in the sign of contamination with other languages, from music to the figurative arts. On the occasion of this anniversary, the company opens the casket of its archive to show the public, reached in streaming due to the current health emergency, the most important and significant shows also from a historical and documentary point of view with the aim to tell the story and the evolution of the artistic career of Mimmo Cuticchio and the Opera dei pupi.

It starts on April 8 with the 1971 “Great duel of Orlando and Rinaldo for the love of the beautiful Angelica” to arrive on 10 June at this year’s production “Aeneas’ flight and the search for a new homeland”. The new production, which risks debuting in streaming if the epidemiological conditions do not change, is centered on Virgil’s “Aeneid” and is aimed above all at young people for its references to current events: from the relationship with the supernatural to the role of love in everyday life, from the value of friendship to the phenomenon of migration and the importance of the principle of community. The myth of Aeneas, therefore, for Cuticchio, is not a tale of the past, but on the contrary the Virgilian refugee returns to propose itself as an emblem of other and no less dramatic exiles. His figure of exile, of defeated without a homeland, lends itself to expressing the condition of today’s migrant, and it is on these aspects that the show focuses. For the staging, new puppets were built and new backdrops were painted. The music will not be those of the cylinder piano that accompany traditional shows, but they are completely original. Ancient and modern instruments will be used simultaneously for the creation of a soundtrack that will accompany the events represented, following the rhythms of improvisation typical of the puppet theater.

In all, the review includes 10 titles in streaming. Every Thursday, starting from 8 April, the videos will be online at 6.30 pm but then always available on demand: on April 15 “Guided tour of the Opera dei pupi” in 1989, on April 22 “Don Giovanni all’Opera dei pupi “of 2002, April 29” Aladdin of all colors “of 2007, May 6” Either in Palermo or hell “of 2011, May 13” A singolar tenzone “of 2018, May 20” The madness di Orlando ”in 2019, on May 27th“ Medusa ”also in 2019, on June 3rd“ Achilles’ wrath ”in 2020. Streaming classical and big stage shows and also musical works such as“ Medusa ”.

The exhibition is a bet for the company Figli d’Arte Cuticchio which in a difficult year like this for the whole world of entertainment frozen by the pandemic, still wants to carry out some projects to celebrate the 50th anniversary, an important milestone for both artistic history of the same company that for the great contribution that the reality led by Mimmo Cuticchio has managed to give to the world of art and culture, not only theatrical.

The shows can be followed on the company’s YouTube channel. Some will be broadcast on RaiPlay (“Guided tour of the Opera dei pupi”, “Don Giovanni at the Opera dei pupi”, “Aladdin of all colors”, “Medusa”, “Achille’s wrath”). The others on the platform.

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