Fuel: strikes in refineries and TotalEnergies depots are “unacceptable”, judge Attal

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The strike continues on Sunday in the refineries and depots of TotalEnergies, for lack of agreement with the CGT on wage increases, with consequences that are still significant for many sectors of activity affected by the fuel shortage.

Gabriel Attal, the Minister of Public Accounts, denounced this situation. “Sometimes there are minorities who block millions of people. It’s not normal and that’s why we are taking action,” explained the minister this Sunday morning on Europe 1. “Blockages are a disturbance of public order,” he continued. while agreements were signed between several unions and the management of companies such as Total, on the night of Thursday to Friday.

“We are making requisitions. Following this, in 24 hours, 9,000 m3 of fuel were able to leave the depots, or 120,000 fill-ups for the French”, underlines Gabriel Attal, who estimates that the return will be “gradual” with the start of improvements in the week.

The movement must continue until Tuesday

On Saturday 27.3% of the country’s service stations were considered “in difficulty”, that is to say affected by the rupture of at least one of their products, according to the Minister of Energy Transition Agnès Pannier-Runacher, a slight improvement compared to the day before (28.5%). But in the Ile-de-France region, this rate was much higher: 39.9% and up by almost three percentage points.

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Punctual deliveries of fuel were however able to be made from Donges on Saturday. “We opened these taps to relax the atmosphere. The objective is not to divide the French, to create tensions, the objective is now to bring the French together around the same demand, ”said Fabien Privé Saint-Lanne, CGT TotalEnergies secretary, on Saturday.

The CGT intends to continue the movement until Tuesday, a day of interprofessional “mobilization and strike” to which FO, Solidaires and the FSU have also called.

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