Gatorade joins the most innovative tournament in global soccer

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2023-08-03 17:11:19

The sports drink will be the official hydrator of the Kings League InfoJobs and the first edition of the Queens League Oysho.

Photo: Gatorade.

San Salvador. Gatorade announced that it is the newest member of the Kings League InfoJobs and Queens League Oysho, the tournament created by Kosmos that challenges the traditional rules of soccer.

A total of 12 teams will participate in the 2023 editions, each one chaired by renowned figures from the worlds of football and streaming, including Gemita, Noe9977, Kun Agüero, Ibai Llanos and Iker Casillas, among others.

The Kings League is a 7-a-side soccer league that has definitely changed the way we understand traditional soccer. Under a format of playful rules and “Wild Cards” that enhance the dynamism and fun of the matches, the Kings League has caused a revolution among Gen-Z, who follow and comment on the tournament through digital platforms such as Twitch, one of the newest and fastest growing media in recent years.

Now, the league receives 120 footballers from different parts of the world to establish the Queens League, the women’s category of the tournament. The second edition of the competition began on May 6 and will last 15 weeks, with the women’s matches taking place every Saturday and the men’s matches every Sunday.

As a new member of the league, Gatorade will accompany the soccer players in each confrontation, providing them with the hydration, electrolytes and energy necessary to achieve their best performance in each game.

According to Martín Watson, Director of Functional Beverages for PepsiCo Latin America, Gatorade is committed to boosting athletes of all levels. As part of this mission, the brand will offer athletes in the league educational experiences about the importance of proper hydration before, during, and after physical activity so that they can increase their performance on and off the pitch.

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