Gold prices rise: What is the current situation? | Gold prices rise current-rate

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Chennai: Gold rose by Rs 144 to the pound today.

Industrial stagnation has followed the corona epidemic. Investors decided to focus on safer investments and began to invest in gold, replacing investments in the stock market, real estate, and the US dollar.

Thus the demand for gold increased and its price rose significantly. Gold prices have been volatile due to fears of a corona virus outbreak.

Bank interest rates have fallen sharply in the United States and European countries, echoing the corona. Thus investors and investment companies in those countries are buying gold. At this stage The price of gold Has risen today.

Jewelery gold rises by Rs 18 per gram to Rs. Selling for 4588. The pound rose by Rs 144 to Rs. Selling for 36704. Similarly, the price of 24 carat pure gold is Rs. Selling for 39632.

Silver price

Silver rose 10 paise to Rs 69.00. The price of a kilo of silver today is Rs. 69,000.

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