He is a police officer from the Comunal, they entered the back of his house and stole his bicycle | Cuyo’s diary

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2023-06-17 17:26:17

A member of the Rivadavia Communal Police suffered the theft of her bicycle during the early hours of this Saturday, which was at the bottom of the house. Now, she asks for help to recover the shot.

Ivana Sarome told that everything happened in his home, located on Rogert Ballet street, inside Villa Inés.

“I went to bed at 4, so I think the robbery was around 5. They entered through a gate that is on the side of the house, which faces the back, and they took the bicycle. When I realized it, I filed a complaint at the 25th Police Station,” the woman commented.

And I add: “I want to spread the word because I know this can help find it. If anyone saw it or is offered to you, please notify 911.”

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