How are e-cigarettes different from rolling cigarettes? – Chiang Mai News

How are e-cigarettes different from rolling cigarettes? – Chiang Mai News

Teenagers today still have misunderstandings. that e-cigarettes are not as dangerous as cigarettes and still use e-cigarettes to quit smoking Many people think Electronic cigarettes are safe. not smelly Able to smoke in non-smoking areas but in fact E-cigarettes are as dangerous as regular cigarettes.

Things to know

Electronic cigarettes are devices for smoking. through heat generation In addition, smokers can choose the level of nicotine, aroma and flavor of e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes operate mainly on batteries. and there are other chemicals Added to add flavor and smell, which also contains nicotine, which can harm the body, not different from a cigarette.

Although there is no bad smell And looks less dangerous than cigarettes. but in fact E-cigarettes can also increase the risk of stroke. acute heart attack myocardial ischemia has increased

That’s a good way. for safety and good health Do not smoke both cigarettes and electronic cigarettes. or if addicted to smoking It is recommended to go for treatment and find a better way to quit with a doctor.

dangers of e-cigarettes

At present, both domestically and internationally, there is no organization that has come out to confirm. up to a clear e-cigarette production standard whether the components of the machine or even acceptance of use

There are also no measurements to assess the safety of e-cigarettes. Therefore, it is not possible to decide whether Are e-cigarettes safe for health?

constituents of various substances in electronic cigarette liquid

1. Nicotine It is the most important active ingredient of cigarettes. This substance is obtained from tobacco leaves and contributes to addictive substances. It can also cause lung cancer and other respiratory diseases.

2. Glycerin humidifier no smell and color And also certified safe for use in food from the FDA. But glycerin still has no clear research results. when converted to steam and through inhalation How will it affect the body?

3. Propylene glycol It is a substance that produces steam. And it is also another substance that has been certified as safe by the FDA. that can be used in food, medicine and cosmetics

4. Flavoring and flavoring substances It is a chemical used in general industry. Therefore it is safe when ingested. But if inhaled, there is still no clear confirmation that it is safe for the body or not.

Advantages of using e-cigarettes

That is, it is not mixed with bitumen. carbon monoxide and other toxins Keep it like a regular cigarette. Thus, at least partly reducing the risk of lung cancer.

Disadvantages of using e-cigarettes

because in the mixture of e-cigarettes already contains nicotine This is the same with regular cigarettes that contain the same nicotine content. That means E-cigarettes are not as dangerous as cigars. But only e-cigarettes can prescribe nicotine itself.

and from the research found E-cigarettes were associated with a 71% higher risk of ischemic stroke, a 59% higher risk of heart attack, and a 40% higher risk of myocardial infarction.

Can e-cigarettes actually help you quit smoking?

At present, the FDA has not agreed and has not yet approved the use of e-cigarettes for smoking cessation. If you really want to quit smoking You should consult with your doctor and find a safer way. because in the end If you smoke e-cigarettes to quit smoking Even after quitting cigarettes, it turned out to be addicted to e-cigarettes instead.

Thank you for information from: Center for Research and Knowledge Management for Tobacco Control


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