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How to reduce sugar? How to reduce blood glucose levels without drugs? What methods help lower blood sugar quickly? How to lower blood sugar fast? Blood sugar leads to many negative health effects. When blood sugar rises, it causes fatigue, weakness, frequent urination, headaches, infections, slow healing of wounds, changes in weight, nausea and vomiting. This is alongside other immediate symptoms.

High sugar levels lead to diseases and problems such as fatty liver. High blood sugar leads to an increase in blood lipid levels. High sugar encourages overeating. Dam serves as a nutrient for cancer cells. Excess blood sugar leads to obesity. High sugar encourages inflammation in our body and increases the rate of our aging. High diabetes leads to various damages that affect the functioning of the body, including damage to the proteins in our body. That is why many seek to reduce blood sugar levels. How do you lower blood sugar levels? How do you lower sugar quickly?

5 ways to lower blood sugar fast. Photo: Monika Pixabay

5 ways to lower blood sugar fast

How do you reduce blood sugar levels quickly without drugs? How do you lower blood glucose naturally? How to lower blood sugar quickly without expensive solutions or treatments? Here are 5 natural ways to lower blood sugar levels without drugs. It is recommended that the patient consult with a specialist regarding the most appropriate treatment options after diagnosing the problem and work with the doctor to examine whether and to what extent each solution proposed below will actually work according to the patient’s characteristics and condition:

1. Take the medications indicated in the prescription to reduce sugar levels. Apply for advice and immediate medical treatment at the nearest clinic.

2. Exercise to reduce blood sugar levels. In general, reduce prolonged sitting and lying down and increase regular physical activity and breaks for short sports activities. Perform regular physical activity of moderate intensity which is beneficial in itself and also helps to reduce pressures and tensions. Reducing emotional distress, regulating stress and mental pressure helps to reduce blood sugar levels and is therefore also important. Likewise, regular sleep helps to reduce stress, physical balance and reduce sugar levels.

More on lowering blood sugar:

3. Eating herbs and spices that reduce sugar in our body such as onion, turmeric, cinnamon, licorice, fenugreek, rosemary or green tea.

4. Drink plenty of water and be careful drinking before meals and changing your diet: incorporate foods into your diet that reduce blood sugar, such as avocados, broccoli, nuts, legumes, leafy vegetables, apples, sauerkraut, fish, and especially those that contain significant amounts of omega-3, high-fiber foods , oats, lentils and more. Also avoid foods that increase sugar levels. For example, we can avoid foods high in sugar, sweets, sugary drinks, cookies, snacks, cakes, processed foods, food that includes empty carbohydrates, foods high in saturated fat and trans fat such as borax. Consume food in moderation and in small portions and at appropriate times.

5. Make sure to maintain a balanced weight and avoid obesity.

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