HSV – Three games, only one point: Three major crisis issues – 2nd Bundesliga

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Two bankruptcies in a row, just one point from the last three league games. After the 1: 2 in Nuremberg, the HSV fans are worried: will Hamburg crash again?

The gap to a direct promotion place is already six points. There is much to suggest that only one series can save the Walter squad from a fifth year in the 2nd division.

BILD answers the big crisis questions. This also includes the Kittel low. And – why can HSV suddenly only play well for one half?

Why is Kittel so bad all of a sudden?

HSV can’t afford this hole…

Sonny Kittel (29). He is one of the favorite students of HSV coach Tim Walter (46) and the best preparer in the 2nd division (already ten goals). A differences player. Yes – the super technician is currently running behind his form again.

His Nuremberg record: The second fewest ball contacts at HSV (39), no shots on goal and only 22 percent of duels won. After 82 minutes, Walter sent Kittel off.

Why is Kittel so bad all of a sudden?

The ex-Frankfurter came out strong from the winter break. He always had (at least) one goal involvement in six MANDATORY games in a row. Kittel has had a zero in the past three competitive games. In the DFB Cup against Karlsruhe (5:4 on penalties) he also missed a penalty in regular time.

HSV cannot afford Kittel to fail. Because the Hamburgers with him and striker Robert Glatzel (28, 15 goals this season) only have two professionals who have a double-digit number of scorer points on their account.

How quickly will Kittel emerge from the crisis?

At the same time last season (days 21 to 29), the midfield star went nine games without a goal.

If HSV wants to save themselves a fifth season in the 2nd division, Walter Kittel has to get back on track quickly. The coach was recently extremely impressed by the development of the veteran. Called her one of the big advances this season. Kittel has to confirm that now.

Why can HSV only do halftime?

It started in Sandhausen (1:1). It continued against Bremen (2:3). And it was also the big problem in Nuremberg (1:2): Why can HSV only do one more half?

Hamburg found it difficult to keep up against Sandhausen and Werder and turned up the heat after the break. At the club it became less and less after a decent first round.

The statistics from the Nuremberg game are clear:

► In the first section, HSV won 58% of the duels, in the second it was only 46%.

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► In the first half, Hamburg shot nine times on goal, in the second half only five times.

► After the break, Nuremberg ran 2.7 kilometers more than HSV.

Was Hamburg tired after Wednesday’s 120 cup minutes against Karlsruhe (5:4 on penalties)?

Captain Sebastian Schonlau (27): “The second half wasn’t good anymore. I don’t want to use the cup efforts as an excuse. We are in top form, we show that week in and week out.”

Coach Tim Walter (46): “It was an open game in the second half, but there was a lack of freshness from the head.”

The large fluctuations within a game bring Hamburg in distress. They have won just eleven (38 percent) of 29 competitive games this season in regular time. Anything but the rate of a climber.

Schonlau: “The situation does not meet our requirements. We lost two league games in one week, it hurts. We had imagined something else. It hurts at first, but then heads have to go up again.”

Does only one series help now?

“I think we need to get on a streak. Definitely. It’s not enough to win a game and then draw, then win and then draw again. You have to win a few games in a row. But I think we have the quality and we will do everything to show that.”

Midfield clearer Jonas Meffert (27).

“Series are always good, so we make sure we start one.”

HSV-Trainer Tim Walter (46).

“Jonas Meffert said that we now have to start a series and I am convinced that the boys can do it. The belief is absolutely there. It’s right in the team.”

Sports Director Michael Mutzel (42).

A winning streak is the last hope of ending the crisis and ultimately making the leap back to the Bundesliga.

Walter’s longest HSV series of three in a row was not long ago. From matchday 20 to 22, St. Pauli (2-1), Darmstadt (5-0) and Heidenheim (2-0) were beaten. At that time, HSV climbed from fifth to third place. Due to the subsequent 1:1 in Sandhausen even on two. After the last bankruptcies against Bremen (2: 3) and in Nuremberg (1: 2), Hamburg slipped back to 5th place.

Real serial offenders are the table leaders from Bremen, who have currently won nine of the last ten games and played a draw once. Or the second Darmstadt: In the past nine matches, the Hessians have won five times, drawn three times and lost only once. And that spectacularly with five goals against HSV…

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