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Actress Kajal Agarwal, a rising star in South Indian cinema, shares some flexible ideas about her post-wedding film career. It has garnered attention among fans.

Actress Kajal Agarwal, who has acted in Tamil with many leading actors like Vijay, Ajith, Surya and Karthik, has been a well-received actress in the entire South Indian film industry. She continued to star in leading films after her marriage to businessman Gautam Kitschilu.

It was reported last year that she was pregnant. To confirm this he also made a departure from some important films. However, she did not share any information about her pregnancy and is reportedly expecting her first child in 4 months.

As such, the marriage of actress Kajal Agarwal has not had any impact on my cinematic career. And today the situation where married actresses are unable to find work as mothers has completely changed. This situation has now changed in Bollywood and in Indian cinema as a whole. Changes in one’s own life do not currently greatly affect one’s career. The fans understand this.

And I have been totally focused on storytelling since marriage. In addition, family and work should be given equal importance. I am thinking of ways to do this.

Actress Kajal Agarwal starrer ‘Acharya’ starring Chiranjeevi will be released soon. Similarly, his Bollywood films “Uma” and his upcoming films like “Hey Sinamika” directed by Brinda Master will really make him happy.

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