I put aluminum foil behind my Internet box

I put aluminum foil behind my Internet box

2023-10-03 14:52:01

This surprising trick could be the solution when your Wi-Fi is experiencing slowdowns. But is it really effective or just another technological myth?

Imagine a cozy Friday evening at home, ready to watch your favorite series. Only one problem: your Wi-Fi signal is slow. But what if we told you there’s a science-backed tech tip that promises to solve your Wi-Fi problems? And this solution is probably already in your kitchen.

Yep, improving your Wi-Fi signal is one of the many amazing uses of aluminum foil. The method is surprisingly simple. First, a little background on Wi-Fi signals: they come from the antenna of your Internet box and behave like radio or light waves. Unfortunately, this propagation can make signals less effective, especially if they are blocked by walls or floors.

By placing a curved sheet of aluminum foil around the router, you can direct Wi-Fi signals more efficiently. The shiny appearance of the paper will reflect the waves, and simply adjust the curvature to direct the signal where you want it. If you think this is too good to be true, think again. Researchers from Dartmouth University have proven this. They found that a reflective surface, like a can or aluminum foil, could strengthen Wi-Fi signals in certain spaces. Boosting your Wi-Fi speed isn’t the only benefit of this tip. It can also increase your online security by limiting the range of your Wi-Fi waves, reducing the risk of access by hackers.

How to use aluminum foil to boost your Wi-Fi signal? Fold the paper into a “C” shape then position the paper behind your router. Other common metals, such as steel or copper cooktops, can also be effective. Be careful, the experience is not always very conclusive and it could work for you depending on the specifics of your space.

If this tip doesn’t work for you, there are other solutions. For example, position your box more optimally or buy a Wi-Fi repeater. It is a device that amplifies and extends the range of the existing WiFi signal. When your router’s WiFi coverage is insufficient or the signal is weak in certain areas of your home or office, a repeater can help eliminate dead zones. It captures the WiFi signal from the source, boosts it, then retransmits it to cover a wider area. You can use it in large homes, multi-story buildings, or anywhere obstacles, such as thick walls, weaken the signal. It’s also a simple solution to improve connectivity without having to install new cables or networks.

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