Immediately after Herzog: Lapid goes on an official visit to Britain

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(Photo: Foreign Ministry)

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid will take off next week for an official visit to London and Paris, during which he will meet with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emanuel Macron. Also during the visit, the Foreign Minister will meet with his counterparts in Britain and France.

According to the ministry’s announcement, the foreign minister’s visit will deal with the resumption of nuclear talks in Vienna as well as the deepening of bilateral relations between Israel and Britain and France.

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Johnson to Herzog: “The point about Iran is clear – there is not much time”

Lapid’s visit comes a day after the return of President Yitzhak Herzog from a visit to Britain, when he also met last night with Johnson in London. At his meeting, Herzog addressed the Iranian threat, in light of the resumption of talks on the nuclear deal next week.

Herzog made it clear to Johnson that “Israel expects its allies to be tough on Iran, as we do not believe they are acting in good faith. Only if they think all the options are on the table can things move in the right direction.” The British prime minister said in response to Herzog that “Israel’s point regarding Iran is very clear – we see a situation where there is never much time to deal with this problem.”

The president added and thanked Johnson for outlawing Hamas in Britain. “This is a very important message to terrorist organizations and other global radical organizations trying to undermine the situation in the Middle East,” he said. In response, Johnson said he “thinks it was the right decision. It was a difficult and controversial decision but I think it is the right thing to do, and by the way it is a decision that I think was made almost immediately in light of the horrific event we saw in Israel. A terrible, terrible event.”

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