“In Italy something is changing for science”

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“I didn’t expect it, but I knew it was possible for a while and that’s why I kept the phone close because the prizes can be like cherries that, as they say, ‘one leads to another'”. The Italian physicist Giorgio Parisi, who has just received the Nobel Prize in Physics 2021, jokes this way, talking to time.news.

Parisi, in fact, among the other awards obtained in his career, on 22 September he joined the Clarivate Citation Laureates as one of the most cited scholars in the world in scientific publications, thus gaining a sort of ‘nomination’ for Nobel today he was awarded. “I hope this Nobel Prize can help move Italy in the direction of” greater investment in fundamental science, “he added.

Therefore, speaking of the growing flight abroad of young Italians, especially young scientists, Parisi states that “it is a policy that should change because Italy is not a welcoming country for young people but I hope it will become one in the future”. “I hope there is a clear change in policy that will allow young people – not only Italians but from all over the world – to come and work in Italy with working conditions comparable to those of other countries” is the hope of the Nobel.

LA WISDOM – “If I got to this point it is because I climbed on the shoulders of giants”. He began by quoting Newton the 2021 Nobel Prize in Physics, Giorgio Parisi, speaking in the Aula Magna of the Rectorate of La Sapienza. Parisi then said: “Something is changing in Italy for science, but I hope that in the next financial statement this change will be implemented in some way”, said Parisi, greeted by the hymn of Mameli played on the piano. Parisi, accompanied by the Minister of University and Research, Maria Cristina Messa, and the Rector Antonella Polimeni, was honored by the students with a standing ovation.

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