In the US they think that Danny Avdia does not get the credit he deserves

The NBA season will start in about two months, and the American media are already starting to prepare. The “Bleacher Report” website conducted a special project in which they chose the “best-kept secret” that every team hides in its roster, or as they put it in the article: “those players whose perception misses their true impact, or what they could be.” In the context of the Washington Wizards, the article chose to put the spotlight on Danny Avdia.

The forward who is currently with the Israeli team received compliments for his defensive play and his fearlessness: “He shows many skills in defense and is not afraid of matchups against the opposing stars in the important moments.” It was also written that Avdia “functions excellently as a second ball carrier and is already doing a good job as a decision maker, certainly for a 21-year-old player who played a total of two seasons in the NBA.”

“Already doing a good job as a decision maker, certainly for a 21-year-old player.” Avdia | Imagebank GettyImages, G Fiume

However, Avdia has received more than just compliments: “Avadia may be more of a mystery than a secret given the fact that he needs to improve as both a scorer and an outside shooter. He still hasn’t found his touch from three (31.6 percent) and that has prevented him from playing a more significant role in the rotation. If He will be able to improve these aspects of his game so we will see him become a significant asset for the Wizards soon.”


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