Israel blames Hamas for the end of the truce and reiterates that it will seek to eliminate it

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2023-12-02 02:13:00

In a statement, the office of the Prime Minister of Israel indicated that the terrorist organization Hamas “failed to fulfill its obligation” to release the kidnapped people and that they again fired missiles at Israeli citizens.

The aforementioned source accuses that Hamas “violated the scheme” of the negotiations, which, in addition to a ceasefire extended for a week, allowed the release of 60 Israeli hostages, in exchange for 240 Palestinian prisoners.

“With the return of combat, we emphasize, the government of Israel is committed to fulfilling its objectives in this war: freeing our hostages, eliminating Hamas and guaranteeing that the citizens of Israel are no longer threatened from Gaza,” says the text.

According to information from the Israeli Embassy in Costa Rica, at 5:42 am this Friday, minutes before the truce period ended (7 am), the Islamist group resumed its missile attacks, including more than 80 rockets towards central Israel.

Furthermore, international reports, citing the Gaza Ministry of Health, indicate that the Israeli air response, after the end of the truce, has killed at least 178 people and injured almost 600.

On October 7, in an unprecedented attack, Hamas kidnapped nearly 240 people in Israeli territory. After the outbreak of the conflict, the international press reports estimates of between 1,200 and 1,400 Israeli deaths and more than 15,000 Palestinian deaths.

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