Israeli Hostages in Gaza: Hardships and Hope for Their Release

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Former Israeli captives reveal hardships endured in Hamas captivity, call for release of remaining hostages

Israeli hostages held by Hamas are enduring a series of hardships, including family separation, uncertainty about their fate, and a lack of basic resources, according to a former captive who was freed two weeks ago. Sharon Alony-Cunio and her young twin daughters were finally released after 52 days of being held by Hamas, but sadly, her husband, David Cunio, is still held in Gaza, along with approximately 135 other Israelis who were kidnapped during Hamas’ October 7 rampage that left more than 1,200 people dead in Israel border communities.

In her first media interview since being freed during a weeklong truce late last month, Alony-Cunio told reporters that captivity was “a Russian roulette” as they didn’t know whether they would remain alive or be killed. She described the anguish of being torn apart from her husband and watching her daughters struggle while waiting for basic resources.

Fellow hostages would sacrifice their own limited rations to support her daughters with food and the four of them endured days without knowing whether the Israeli government had given up on them, which made the anguish of captivity nearly unbearable.

Alony-Cunio is advocating for the remaining hostages to be released as soon as possible. She expressed that they are not just names on a poster but human beings, “flesh and blood.” The prime minister of Israel has also noted that dozens of Hamas militants have surrendered, creating hope that additional hostages may be released soon. Meanwhile, the UN General Assembly is expected to vote on a resolution for a ceasefire. The situation brings the need for resolute action into sharp relief.

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