Israeli Strike Kills Senior Hezbollah Official’s Son in Southern Syria

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Israel Strikes Hezbollah Terrorists in Syria

Four terrorists, including Hassan Ali Dakdouk, son of senior Hezbollah official Ali Musa Dakdouk, were killed in an attack attributed to Israel in al-Baath in Quneitra, southern Syria on Friday. Hassan Ali Dakduk was reportedly active in Unit 125 of the Radwan Force, an elite unit of Hezbollah. The elder Dakduk is in charge of the “Golan Case” unit of the terrorist organization.

Ali Musa Dakduk has a long history of involvement in Hezbollah’s operations. He initially fought against the IDF in southern Lebanon and the security zone, and later participated in the Lebanese internal power struggles. He was also sent to Iraq to support Shiite militias in fighting against the US army and coalition countries. Dakduk was captured by the American forces and subsequently released, after which he returned to activity within Hezbollah.

In addition to his work with Hezbollah, Dakduk served as a trainer for Iraqi recruits in training camps in Iran and was sent by the Quds Force to four operational missions in Iraq. After his return to Lebanon, he was appointed in charge of training Hezbollah’s special forces until 2018, when he was appointed commander of the “Golan Case” unit.

The IDF has disclosed that the “Golan Case” unit includes many operatives who live in villages near the northern Golan border and are equipped with weapons. The infrastructure is assisted by Hezbollah’s “Southern Command” in southern Syria, which provides support in various areas such as fire support, logistics, and intelligence.

The attack on the terrorists in southern Syria signifies the ongoing conflict and tensions between Israel and Hezbollah. The incident comes amid the backdrop of escalating violence and operations in the region.

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