Israeli Tank Raid on Khan Yunis: Thousands Flee as Gaza Attacks Intensify

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2023-12-05 23:04:04
Israel has escalated its attacks in southern Gaza, with tanks crossing the border and launching a raid on the city of Khan Yunis. The army warned residents to stay indoors as the heavy attack continued. The Nasr Hospital in Khan Yunis is overwhelmed with injured and dead, with 43 people brought in dead in just one morning. The Palestinian Ministry of Health reports that 16,000 people have been killed in Gaza since the fighting began, with 250 of them being health workers. The attack has also extended to the occupied West Bank, where 260 people have been killed and 3,200 injured. Despite international appeals, the attacks on civilians continue.

Meanwhile, mediation talks to end the war are ongoing, with the Qatari Prime Minister and Russian President involved in diplomatic efforts. As a result of the attacks, thousands of people from Khan Yunis have been forced to flee to the town of Rafah near the Egyptian border, creating a humanitarian crisis. The United Nations warns that the arrival of even more people from Khan Yunis will exacerbate the situation in Rafah, where the population is already strained.
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