Israel’s Million Club is expanding YouTube rating

In first place is Anna Zack with “Who’s It”, which although it is down 11% from last week, still reaches an almost unprecedented number of about a million and a quarter weekly listens and maintains first place; In second place is Eden Hasson with “Makes Me Trouble”, which recorded a 5% increase in the number of weekly listens and also crossed the million mark with about 10,000 views; “Three Girls”, the proud hit of Noa Kirl and Tutit (comedian Gitit Fischer), drops by 8% to 805,000 listens per week – still a fairly high figure, which in a normal week might have been enough to screw him in first place, but this week the record-breaking week is only enough Leave the two (did you see what we did here?) In third place; In fourth place is still “Dovshaniya” by Shahar Seoul, Lake Bohbot and Noroz – the oldest song in the quintet; And in fifth place was Cohen confirmed with “Red Heart Lovers,” with the latter two not recording significant changes in weekly listens.

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Also in the list of leading artists, the only changes this week are in the numbers, with Eyal Golan returning above the 6 million views threshold and increasing the gap from second place to more than 2 million views; In second place remains Eden Hasson, who loses about a percent of his weekly views; Omar Adam is still in third place, with the difference between him and Hasson still standing at more than a million views; Eden Ben Zaken moves away from Omar Adam, although the difference between them is still smaller than the difference between the first three places; And Noa Kirl retains fifth place, by a similar margin from both Kirl and Happy Cohen, who follows with a similar drop in the number of listens and easily overtakes Anna Zack, whose drop was only slightly higher than that of Kirl and Cohen.


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