Enough to trigger an already inflated refrain that juxtaposes them Vale, 42 years old, to the residual ability to stand comparison with a band of maddened, very gifted boys, fighting within a few tenths. The legitimate but not exhaustive point of view. Just think of Franco Morbidelli, fresh from a brilliant 2020 season, closed as world runner-up, Rossi’s partner in the Yamaha satellite team: tenth in qualifying, twelfth at the finish line, he too struggling with seemingly insurmountable difficulties in Qatar.

That they exist technical reasons Rossi himself explained this trouble in part: With the soft I suffer because behind I start to slide, as if you stress the tire too much. I have a lot of vibrations, I struggle and I always have to slow down. For the tires they are the same for everyone. The statement appears to contain an implicit admission: likely that Valentino should modifyto further his way of driving, looking for a more effective performance, aim: better performance over the distance of the tires. The rest lies in that technological stratosphere which now dominates MotoGP and which prevents any detailed analysis.

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An unforgettable career

It sure looks like inside the Yamaha feel all freed from the presence of Rossi, a bulky and ill-tolerated figure both by colleagues eager to occupy larger spaces on the spotlight of the World Championship, and by those who, at the top of a team, aim for a generational change. In this sense it was decided to move him to the Petronas team, with the promise of supplying him with material of the highest order, identical to that used by the Quartararo-Viales couple. very likely to happen to us even if – even considering Rossi far from the performances provided at the peak of his career – the gaps on the track seem too marked. Moreover, seven days after the first GP on the same track, with Valentino twelfth in the race after an excellent fourth time in qualifying. Oscillations in many ways inexplicable and not explained enough.

In short, it seems a bit early for the budgets, albeit in a climate of maximum alarm because the first half of this season, as Valentino himself announced, should be fundamental in deciding whether to continue racing or not. We have to wait for other tracks, other climatic conditions. The team that in recent years has allowed Morbidelli and Quartararo to emerge can find or receive some happy technical contributions; Rossi will try to further modify his style in the approach and in the travel of the curves. We are all aware that his prolonged enjoyment coincides with a collective and permanent joyful desire, but that every enjoyment has a term, an expiration date.

He no longer wins, struggles in the rear, struggles to find a rhythm up to the best, but the champions who train with Valentino still describe him as very fast and reactive, intact in his physique and stainless in his mentality. An image not at all in tune with the one glimpsed in Losail. We can wait before issuing final judgments. We can wait for him to do it. The only one who knows and, if so, recognizes an absolute truth.

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