Italy’s third victory in the World Cup, Lithuania beaten 2-0 – Italy also beats Lithuania and gets the third victory in a row in this beginning of the journey towards the 2022 World Cup. In Vilnius it ends 2-0 thanks to blaze of Sensi and the rigor of Immobile, which gave Mancini’s team the solitary first place in Group C, with one more race than Switzerland (now at rest).

The Azzurri hold the ball of the game from the beginning, but they almost never manage to seriously worry an inactive Svedkauskas. There first great chance for Italy happens in the 39th minute at the feet of El Sharaawy, who at the edge of the small area clamorously butts the ball with the outside of his right foot, throwing Pessina’s good assist to the wind.

The turning point in the recovery

At the beginning of the second half Mancini’s team enters the field with a different attitude and after a couple of minutes finds the 1-0 with the newly entered Sensi, who kicks left-handed surprising the goalkeeper thanks to a detour.

The race goes downhill and the Azzurri would have at least three chances to increase the advantage, but Immobile is not in the evening and fails them all. At 73 ‘Donnarumma also becomes the protagonist, never called into question up to that moment but providential in deflecting an Eliosius shot for a corner.

In final is still Italy to go close to scoring with Locatelli, which from two steps fails to get the better of Svedkauskas. Before the triple whistle Immobile manages to redeem previous mistakes making the final 2-0 on a penalty won by Barella.



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