Jane Fonda’s Hilariously Relatable Sign Her Marriages Were Over

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Hollywood Icon Jane Fonda Reveals the Surprising Sign That Ended All Three of Her Marriages

When a relationship ends, there are always signs. Sometimes you don’t pick up on them until after the fact, but they’re always there. For Hollywood icon Jane Fonda, it was an unexpected and darkly hilarious moment that signaled the end of three of her marriages, and tons of women are relating to it.

The 85-year-old actor and activist has three husbands under her belt. She was hitched to French filmmaker Roger Vadim from 1965-1973, activist and politician Tom Hayden from 1973-1990, and media mogul Ted Turner from 1991-2001. Fonda had been candid about how fraught all three partnerships were.

But ultimately, it was something far simpler that clued her in that each of her three marriages were heading for the rocks. In a recent interview, Fonda revealed that she always knows when a marriage is going to end sooner or later because she’s starting to fantasize about her husband’s funeral. “I always know when a marriage is going to end sooner or later because I’m starting to fantasize about his funeral,” she said.

Fonda’s teasing bit of insight certainly resonated with other women, with many agreeing that they had similar thoughts that signaled the end of their relationships. Even after the divorce from Ted Turner in 2001, Fonda has been able to maintain a friendship with him, and she’s open to the idea of loving again, but with one caveat. Fonda said she’d need her lover to be 20 years her junior because she doesn’t like old skin.

In the end, Fonda wants the good memories and relationships to be what endures, not the heartbreak. “When I know I’m about to go, I’m going to burn them all,” she told the podcaster. A fitting move from a woman who always finds her way back to the positive, no matter what challenges she’s faced.

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