Jean-Dominique Michel, health anthropologist: “Tens of thousands of people who could be treated and saved were left to die from lack of care”

Jean-Dominique Michel, health anthropologist: “Tens of thousands of people who could be treated and saved were left to die from lack of care”

2023-05-30 19:45:00

SCIENCE/HEALTH – After Professor Christian Perronne, it is the turn of health anthropologist Jean-Dominique Michel to lend his unconditional support to Professor Raoult. The latter is targeted by a media cabal, following the publication of the results of a study carried out within the IHU-Méditerranée in Marseille which shows the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine in early treatment against Covid-19. The possibility of using this game changer, whose effects have been observed in the context of care practiced in emergency medicine, had been brushed aside by the political and health authorities.

  • Health anthropologist Jean-Dominique Michel comes back hot on the new attacks against Professor Didier Raoult and his team at the IHU-Méditerranée.

Among the justifications used at the time and rehashed today to deprive oneself of such a godsend: references to hoaxes (including the LancetGate), fallacious trials in methodology (the randomized double-blind studies presented as the alpha and omega of scientific research, to the detriment of so-called observational studies which are nevertheless essential in medicine) and various attacks, often defamatory, in particular concerning alleged “wild trials”.

“The system is unhealthy”

Jean-Dominique Michel, health anthropologist, has been committed against the political and administrative mismanagement of Sars-CoV-2, from the start of the crisis. He reacts today in a muscular way to the disinformation and the confusion maintained by a large part of the French press.

According to him, this essentially took up the government’s discourse on health, inviting “experts” close to the executive or “plateau doctors” opposed to the early care of Covid-19 patients, by ideology.

“Journalists are totally unable to tell the difference between a Christian Perronne, a Didier Raoult, who are world luminaries who know their subject inside out and people like Mathieu Molimard (1) or even Alain Fischer (2)who are in a misunderstanding of these realities, which disqualify them as experts”, he says.

Jean-Dominique Michel does not go there by four paths: “From basement to attic, the system is unhealthy aside from a few that remain solid on medical ethics,” asserts the anthropologist who goes so far as to mention “organized crime”.

He recalls that the pharmaceutical company Pfizer was sentenced to “multi-billion dollar fines for corruption”. And given the proven efficacy of early treatment of “unmistakable way” over there “publication of the IHU with the 30,000 cases listed” supported by the IHU-Méditerranée, while the only solutions provided were deprivation of freedoms and the “all-vaccine”, a conclusion is essential in his eyes: “Tens of thousands of people who could be treated and saved were left to die by deprivation of care.”

In a tweet posted on his personal account, Jean-Dominique Michel launches: “Panic wins the backwater” due to “the publication of the final series by the IHU”. Publication which according to him “demonstrates that these thugs have actively participated in the murder by deprivation of care of tens of thousands of people in France. We understand that they are somewhat stressed at the prospect of finding themselves – sooner or later – in court to answer for their actions. Tick-tock, tick-tock!”

Excessive talk? “If this leads to a libel suit, I welcome it. I will bring the items. We can unpack everything. At least things will be presented in an open way to the population, taken hostage, mistreated, sometimes put in a situation of death.

The health anthropologist puts on trial “the fraud of” mathematical modelling, “which has conditioned the whole reading of the health crisis”passing from foresight – hypotheses – to proven facts.

“Public opinion has been deceived”

According to him, Mathieu Molimard and Alain Fischer, by using these risky reports, “behaved like crooks”. “The models have never worked in 23 years, that’s speculation, not science. Public opinion has been deceived”he adds about these models, which have for example led to the adoption of confinements, yet scientifically demonstrated to be useless.

The dogmatic attachment to these models would have made Alain Fischer deny, in 2021, the presence of menstrual disorders in women vaccinated against Covid, “despite data that already existed in pharmacovigilance.”

Returning to the care of which the patients were deprived (oxygenation, etc.), he denounces the use of Rivotril, according to him responsible for many deaths in nursing homes from March/April 2020. Violent remarks, without detours, which do not require no better than being verified, with supporting evidence. An inevitable survey to answer this now key question: “How to restore confidence in this science?”

Notes :

(1) Professor at CHU-Bordeaux, member of the SFPT (French Society of Pharmacology and Therapeutics).

(2) French doctor, professor of pediatric immunology and researcher, appointed coordinator of the State’s vaccine strategy against the Covid-19 pandemic in France by Prime Minister Jean Castex. The latter had expressed himself in favor of compulsory vaccination of the entire population on the pretext that some people could refuse the injection. In fact, the transmission of the virus having never been prevented by anti-Covid-19 vaccines, such a position raises questions.

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