Jeremy Renner: After an accident, he shows himself on the treadmill

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Jeremy Renner
After an accident, he shows himself on the treadmill

Jeremy Renner had a serious accident in January.

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Jeremy Renner shares video of himself on an anti-gravity treadmill after his serious accident with a snow plow.

US actor Jeremy Renner (52) shows on Instagram that his recovery from his serious snow plow accident in early January is progressing. The “Avengers” star suffered more than 30 broken bones. Now he posted a video in an Instagram story in which he can be seen on an anti-gravity treadmill. Thanks to the reduced gravity, the device enables painless and stress-free walking or running training. Renner confirmed in the clip that he was able to walk thanks to the special treadmill.

In the post, the 52-year-old added: “Now is the time for my body to rest and recover from my will.” Since his accident on New Year’s Day, the actor had regularly shared updates on his health and recovery on social media. In February, for example, he already showed himself in an Instagram story with devices attached to his calf and thigh to stimulate the muscles.

Jeremy Renner has his snow plow back

The accident happened near Jeremy Renner’s home in Reno, Nevada. According to the Washoe County Sheriff, the actor was trying to climb back into his snowplow when it began to roll away and rolled towards his nephew. Renner had fallen under the vehicle, which was said to weigh more than six tons, and was seriously injured.

Last week, the “Hawkeye” star also revealed in an Instagram story that he got the snow plow back. He shared two pictures of the snowplow and added, “She’s finally making her way home!” The accident vehicle even received a police escort for the trip back, he explained. The police had taken the snow groomer to investigate the accident in January.


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