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2023-06-06 21:30:52

Now the host unpacks…

In the seventh episode of “Sing my Song”, Johannes Oerding (41) listened to the cover versions of his greatest hits. In between, the musician shared some private anecdotes.

Oerding was with TV presenter Ina Müller (57) for more than ten years. Now they’re separated, like he recently revealed during his ICE tour. At “Sing my song” Clueso (43) wanted to cover a number that Oerding had written and recorded with Ina Müller at the time.

At the exchange concert, Oerding revealed with a smile about the genesis of “I don’t have you anymore to lose’n”: “I wrote the song and played it to her, as I do with many songs, to get the quality check, so to speak.”

Ina Müller found the number so great that she absolutely wanted to sing along. Oerding continues: “She even rewrote a verse that I had already written. Then it became a duet.”

Also happy to share the stage: Ina Müller and Johannes Oerding


The song was created in 2019 when the two were still together. The musician: “It’s a very paradoxical topic because it’s about a separation. But in that case we might be singing the thoughts of a million people out there.”

So far he has only played the song twice at concerts because he usually lacks a duet partner on stage.

Clueso performs one of the songs that Oerding and Müller sang together

Clueso performs one of the songs that Oerding and Müller sang together

Photo: RTL

Clueso solved the problem very elegantly on the TV show. When it was Ina’s turn, “Silbermond” frontwoman Stefanie Kloß (38) suddenly jumped to his side and sang the verse.

On the

On the “Sing my Song” couch: Stephanie Kloß and Johannes Oerding

Photo: RTL

The duo had concocted the surprise in a very spontaneous action. Clueso divulged after the performance: “Before the sound check, I asked her if she would do it.”

At the time, Clueso had no idea that Stefanie was moderating the show for host Johannes Oerding that evening and that she had an additional task. Nevertheless, she said yes spontaneously. Stefanie: “I like the song very much and that’s why I already had it in my head.”

Winner of the night: rapper Montez

Winner of the night: rapper Montez

Photo: RTL

Johannes chose Montez (29) as the winner of the evening. The rapper caused goosebumps as he sang Oerding’s “KO” to his dad.

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