Johnny Depp’s 60 years lived dangerously

Johnny Depp’s 60 years lived dangerously

2023-06-09 09:35:00 – John Christopher Depp II, so born, that of Owensboro, not even 60,000 inhabitants on the Ohio River, in the state of Kentucky, set off from there to conquer the world as one of the most loved and controversial (even hated) artists of the history of the seventh art. Johnny Depp started from “Nightmare – From the depths of the night”, to then move on to “Platoon”, “Edward Scissorhands”, “Ed Wood” and continue with “Donnie Brasco”, “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”, “Sleepy Hollow”, “Chocolat”, “Blow”, “Once Upon a Time in Mexico”, “Secret Window”, “Neverland”, “The Chocolate Factory”, “Parnassus – The man who would cheat the devil”, “Alice in Wonderland”, “Dark Shadows” and many other films that have, in fact, made up a large parenthesis in the history of cinema; leading him to work with masters such as Wes Craven, Oliver Stone, Tim Burton, Emir Kusturica, Jim Jarmusch, Terry Gilliam, Roman Polaski, Robert Rodriguez, Marc Forster, Michael Mann, Rob Marshall and Kevin Smith

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