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Kottayam: A power line exploded on top of a train at Kothanelloor in Kottayam. Traffic on the Kottayam-Ernakulam road was disrupted for two and a half hours following the accident. The Kerala Express diesel engine which was stuck on the track due to the accident was brought and replaced. The power lines above the track broke while the Kerala Express was passing at 4.30 pm. The cause of the accident was a twisted wire in the pandograph connecting the train’s engine to the power line. Passengers and locals panicked as the train came to a halt after the blast. The train was stuck here for more than two and a half hours. The Kerala Express continued its journey with the help of a diesel engine brought from Ernakulam.

The power lines about a kilometer away were broken. It will take at least a day to replace it and restore the power connection. The alternative arrangement is to allow trains to pass through the second track. It is concluded that the age of the power lines led to the accident. Railways have launched an investigation into the incident.

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