Klopp in favor of a “challenge” of the coach in the face of refereeing decisions

Klopp in favor of a “challenge” of the coach in the face of refereeing decisions

2023-05-05 00:54:43

A “challenge” in football? This is what Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp proposed on Thursday, in favor of the introduction of this type of appeal so that coaches can challenge disputed refereeing decisions during a match.

Reacting for the German magazine Kicker to the refereeing error during the match between Dortmund and Bochum (1-1) in the Bundesliga last Friday, Klopp estimated that a “challenge would be a solution to prevent a similar situation from occurring. represents in the future”.

The day after the match, the referee himself admitted having made a bad decision by not whistling a penalty in favor of Borussia Dortmund, who lost their place as leader of the German championship in favor of Bayern Munich.

For the Reds coach, the last coach to offer Dortmund a Bundesliga in 2011-2012, “there are many good examples of how this can work”, citing that of “field hockey, where the ‘challenge ‘ has long been proven”.

American football, or even the NBA since 2020, also allows coaches to challenge refereeing decisions during a match. In tennis, it is the players themselves who have this possibility.

“I don’t understand the world anymore,” Klopp added of the Bochum defender’s violent tackle not sanctioned with a penalty, considering the referee could have at least reviewed the action using video refereeing .

Klopp, subscribed to disputes with officials, could also be suspended for attacking the referees of the match against Tottenham (4-3) during the 34th day of the Premier League on Sunday.

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