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Spanish League 21-22

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Real Madrid’s young team (Real Madrid official website)

The 25th Spanish League Talent Tournament continues in full force andBroadcast at this time on channel ONE. Groups from both Spain and Europe were divided into four houses, with two of them comprising three groups and another two houses with four groups.

Barcelona were drawn with Benfica Lisbon, Salta Vigo and Betis, while Real Madrid were drawn against Tenerife and Liverpool. In the other houses, Juventus with Valencia, Las Palmas and Sevilla in the fourth house, and Villarreal, Dortmund and Atletico Madrid in the second house.

Real Madrid had already managed to celebrate when Marcelo’s son scored twice and celebrated like Ronaldo. In the afternoon, the houses stage will end and the quarterfinals stage will begin. On Sunday the first semi-final will be held at 11:00 and the second at 11:45. The final will be held at 18:00 on Sunday, with the match for third place starting half an hour earlier.

Promises: Real Madrid defeats Tenerife
Promises: All the goals and celebration of Real

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