Last day to buy Vampire Survivors for 63 baht.

Last day to buy Vampire Survivors for 63 baht.

If you are a gamer You may have heard of games like Vampire Survivors Let’s come together. This game is preparing to increase the price soon.

Vampire Survivors Developed by the Poncle team and launched on Steam since Dec. 2021 in the form of Early Access with a cute price of only 63 baht, but the game has received a very good response and has been continuously updated. keep going There are youtubers who took this game to cast on many channels and many times.

The Poncle development team is preparing to raise the price of the game. Vampire Survivors But it hasn’t revealed what the full price of this game will be.

get to know Vampire Survivors

If you are not familiar with Vampire Survivors Or wonder why game fans never stop looking at how valuable indie games are?

Vampire Survivors It’s an indie roguelike game with 16-bit sprite graphics, Gothic art, Bullet Hell style, but different in that it’s become us. It’s Bullet Hell, not the enemy side.

In which you can control the character by moving with simple controls with a single click of the mouse button. Similar to moving the cursor (Cursor) when the enemy has increased number and power. You have to level up yourself and find weapons to strengthen your character. where all weapons will fire automatically


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