“Libera nos a Malo” by Luigi Meneghello: the book recommended by Sandro Frizziero for the days of Coronavirus

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The paradoxical forms of devotion in the Venetian province of the 1960s: with a very significant episode, if seen with today’s eyes | Courier TV

It is Sandro Frizziero who today suggests the book to read in the days to spend at home for the Coronavirus emergency. And his choice is «Libera nos a Malo», Luigi Meneghello’s 1963 masterpiece. A choice dictated by a very particular reason, as can be seen from the passage of the book that Frizziero reads in this video.
The new novel by Sandro Frizziero is entitled «Submersion» and has just been published by Fazi. If the bookstores in your city do not make home deliveries, all the books can be purchased online or from the websites of the publishing houses.


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