life in rented rooms

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2023-12-07 20:25:33

Theater review

A beautiful tribute in which he stages two short works, ‘The Marchioness of Larkspur Lotion’ and ‘Talk to Me Like Rain’, two works that contain, however, the entire universe of Tennessee Williams

César Camino and Maripaz Sayago, in a scene from ‘Tennessee’ Esmeralda martín Text Tennessee Williams (Entremés: María Ruiz and Cristina Medina) Version and direction María Ruiz Stage space Juan Carlos Savater Lighting Felipe Ramos Costumes Chary Caballero Sound Benigno Moreno Performers César Camino, Cristina Medina and Maripaz Sayago Spanish Theater Place (Sala Margarita Xirgu), Madrid

Tennessee Williams He was the man of the rented rooms, the boarding houses and the small sordid hotels. The metaphysics of his characters, that is, his sad debt to life is therefore born from an unmade bed, a bottle of alcohol and…

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