Luisa Adorno, award-winning Tuscan writer, dies at the age of 100

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July 13, 2021 – 6:07 pm

In 2000 she was awarded the honor for her literary commitment by the President of the Republic Ciampi

of Corriere Fiorentino editorial staff

Luisa Adorno, one of the most shy and talented Tuscan writers in contemporary fiction, died yesterday in Rome at the age of 100. I was born in Pisa in ’21, as I candidly confessed on the flap of a book, although in the following, I have kept silent about it. The rest, that I did classical studies, that I taught for almost forty years divided between middle and high school, that I collaborated, always briefly in Il Mondo di Pannunzio, in Paragone, in L’Indice, in Abitare, which are heroically married for almost fifty years, and I have children and grandchildren, anyone who has read my books knows, because I only write life, said the author in Female Scriptures in Tuscany (edited by Ernestina Pellegrini, Florence, Le Lettere , 2006).

Luisa Adorno, awarded in 2000 the honor for literary commitment by the President of the Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi he had written about Tuscany and Sicily in his books almost all published by the Palermo publishing house Sellerio: The last province, The golden rooms, Arco di luminara, The freedom has a top hat, Come a masquerade ball, Although we are women (Sellerio, 1999; Vittorini Award 1999) and Maple Leaf. Just recently Sellerio had republished The Last Province.

Since 14 April 1999 the material of the Luisa Adorno collection has been deposited in the State Archives of Florence. The collection is divided into two distinct groups: the first consists of typescripts and manuscripts of the works already published (some typescripts are presented in two editions – manuscript and photostat – with significant variations) and the second consisting of various documents such as reviews, participation in conferences , presentations of texts, articles already published in magazines (including drafts of future stories) and various letters.

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