McDonald’s changes the recipe for its Big Mac with around fifty new features

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2023-12-02 20:56:32

“The unique, the timeless”. It is with these adjectives that McDonald’s presents, on its site, the Big Mac, “THE cult burger, available in many countries around the world”. “It has survived the years and remains an unbeatable McDonald’s burger. The secret of this burger? The simplicity of its ingredients, its two layers of flavors, and of course a sauce that is instantly recognizable! », even describes the American giant.

However, as revealed by Wall Street Journal, McDonald’s has revised the recipe for its flagship sandwich. After seven years of testing and modification and a test in Australia, the Big Mac recipe will be modified around the world. It will be first in the United States then in the rest of the world. No date has yet been revealed for the French market.

In total, 50 characteristics will evolve. The quantity of sauce will be greater with 14 g instead of 9, but also the bread (now with butter) which will be thicker “to better keep the heat”, with sesame seeds “dispersed more randomly for a look home made “.

16% increase in sales during the Australian test

Many other less visible changes will take place in the kitchen. “The lettuce, cheese and pickles have been redesigned to be fresher and more tender,” explain our American colleagues who specify that the minced steaks will now be cooked in batches of six and not eight, “to apply less pressure on the meats and allow them to retain their juice.

The cheese will have been taken out of the refrigerator for longer so that it will be nicely melted once in the burger. The onions will be “rehydrated” for “more freshness”. Salads and pickles will be in smaller containers, for “more freshness”.

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VIDEO. Environment: why is it better to avoid the Big Mac?

An avalanche of new products which benefited from numerous customer feedback during a test phase in Australia. Among the Wallabies, sales increased by 16.7% last quarter, double the American figures. The prices of the Big Mac should remain unchanged, promises the firm, even if the franchisees are free. The adaptation of its recipe in France has not yet been announced, but it could be readjusted due to the constraints of French establishments (products from French sectors, sustainable, etc.).

With these new products, McDonald’s intends to stay ahead and silence criticism of its legendary burger, sometimes mocked for its poor performance or its dry appearance. And stay ahead of the competition. So much change that the historical inventor of this recipe, which sells 550 million copies per year, will not see. James Delligatti died in 2016.

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